Green Features

Exterior Double Skin

Reduces heat loss during winter months and reduces heat gains during summer months.


Produces electricity from an internal combustion engine, which increases efficiency and saves money by using waste heat to heat or cool the building.

Rainwater Harvesting

Supplies 30% of water fixtures in the entire building with rainwater from tanks on the 2nd and 10th floors.


Illuminates 75% of the building with natural light to reduce lighting demands and energy consumption.

Air Side Economizer

Reduces energy demands by recycling inside air and ventilating classrooms with 100% outside air.

Radiant Panels

Use water running through copper pipes in the floor and ceiling to heat or cool spaces more efficiently than traditional forced air systems.

Green Roof

Reduces storm water runoff and decreases the heat island effect while providing visual relief for city occupants.

Water Side Free Cooling

Consumes less energy by using outdoor cooling towers to chill water instead of running a 500-ton chiller.